Our mission is to utilize and manipulate every characteristic of light to produce truly innovative luminaires that may be used to create fascinating and exciting light settings.

Moving head lighting

Moving head lighting is a staple event production, capable of so many effects packed into a single unit they are an incredible tool for any lighting engineer. EFX production has a large stock of moving head lighting ready to be included in a stage design of your choice. This allows for so much variation in the design changing a room in seconds. Our expert of lighting are able to fit the theme or style of the event perfectly.

Blinders and strobes

There is nothing quite like the effect a stage blinder gives to the audience. An intense bright flash of warm light that adds so much to the atmosphere of a room.  Pixel mappable blinders add a totally new aspect allowing for the entire fixture or individual pixels to be used at any time. This adds so much creative potential and makes the show ever changing and dynamic. Strobes they allow for an effect only a strobe can achieve. Bright fast flashes create a shutter style effect making time itself look to slow. These are a must have addition to any festival, club night or band stage design.


EFX Production Laser displays are one of the best in the Arizona with our proven track record of providing safe and impressive Laser shows. You are in the best hands when it comes to all things Lasers.